Dunja Mijatović

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatović was elected Commissioner for Human Rights on 25 January 2018 by the Parliamentary Assembly and took up her position on 1 April 2018. She is the fourth Commissioner, succeeding Nils Muižnieks (2012-2018), Thomas Hammarberg (2006-2012) and Alvaro Gil-Robles (1999-2006).National of Bosnia and Herzegovina, she has been… Continue reading Dunja Mijatović

​​Camille Petit

Communications and Project Officer, European Federation of Journalists Camille Petit works as a Communications and Project officer at the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) in Brussels. She studied journalism in France and holds a master’s degree in European studies from La Sorbonne Nouvelle. Prior to joining the EFJ in 2016, she worked as a journalist… Continue reading ​​Camille Petit

​​​​Julia Nebel

Director, Luhze Newspaper Since 2021, Julia Nebel has been the director of Luhze e.V., the association which publishes the student newspaper Luhze – Leipzigs unabhängige Hochschulzeitung. She began working for Luhze in 2018, while studying law at the University of Leipzig, where she is currently do her doctoral studies.

​​​​Lukas Straumann

Director, Bruno Manser Fonds (Switzerland) Lukas Straumann studied history, philosophy and botany at the Universities of Basel, Neuchâtel and Salamanca. He holds a PhD in history from Zurich University and recently completed a Bachelor of Law at UniDistance Suisse.After graduating, Straumann was a research fellow for the Independent Committee of Experts Switzerland Second World War,… Continue reading ​​​​Lukas Straumann

​​​​​​Pia Lindholm

Deputy Head of Unit for Civil Justice in Directorate-General Justice and Consumers of the European Commission Pia Lindholm works as a Deputy Head of Unit for Civil Justice in Directorate-General Justice and Consumers of the European Commission. She studied law in Helsinki and London and economics in Brussels and trained as a judge in Finland.… Continue reading ​​​​​​Pia Lindholm

Tiemo Wölken

Member of the European Parliament (SPD-S&D), JURI Rapporteur on the Anti-SLAPPs Directive Tiemo Wölken is a politician from northern Germany. He has been active in local politics since 2003 in his home region. He holds a LL.M. in International Law from the University of Hull, England. Since 2016, he has been a lawyer, in addition… Continue reading Tiemo Wölken

​​​​​​Susan Coughtrie

Project Director, Foreign Policy Centre (United Kingdom) Susan Coughtrie is Deputy Director at the Foreign Policy Centre (FPC), leading the Unsafe for Scrutiny project, which examines risks and threats to journalists investigating financial crime and corruption. She is the co-founder and co-chair of the UK anti-SLAPP Coalition, established in January 2021, and lead author of… Continue reading ​​​​​​Susan Coughtrie

​​​​​​Tom Gibson

EU Representative and Advocacy Manager, Committee to Protect Journalists Tom Gibson joined the Committee to Protect Journalists in January 2017 and is CPJ’s lead advocate in Brussels covering the institutions of the European Union. Between 2014 and 2016, Gibson managed Protection International’s Burundi and Congo desks, advocating for stronger state accountability for the protection of human… Continue reading ​​​​​​Tom Gibson

Charlie Holt

Legal Counsel Campaigns, Greenpeace Charlie Holt works as legal counsel for campaigns at Greenpeace International, where he leads the organisation’s SLAPP resilience strategy. Until 2019 his work focused on the US, where he worked on two aggressive large-scale SLAPPs targeting Greenpeace and helped set up the anti-SLAPP coalition Protect the Protest. He is now working… Continue reading Charlie Holt