Julie Majerczak

Julie Majerczak, Reporters Without Borders Julie Majerczak is the Reporters Without Borders Representative to the European Institutions. She has represented the international press freedom NGO at the EU level since May 2016. Before joining RSF, Julie was a journalist for 16 years. She moved to Brussels in 2002 to report on EU affairs for the… Continue reading Julie Majerczak

​​​​​​Walter Strobl

Walter Strobl, Press Club Concordian (Austria) Walter Strobl is running the “Rechtsdienst Journalismus“ [Legal Service Journalism], a department of Presseclub Concordia in Vienna, Austria, since October 2021. He combines comprehensive expertise in copyright and media law with many years of experience in media management and teaching. After gaining his law degree at the University of Vienna,… Continue reading ​​​​​​Walter Strobl

​​​​​​Marie Hélène Boulanger

Marie Hélène Boulanger, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers Deputy Director – Equality and Union citizenship, European Commission Marie-Hélène Boulanger began her career in the field of data protection working with Professor Poullet for six years at the University of Namur. She then spent five years at the Belgian Data Protection Authority, two of which years… Continue reading ​​​​​​Marie Hélène Boulanger

​​​​Karmen Turk

Karmen Turk, Chair of the Council of Europe Expert Committee on Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation (MSI-SLP), Lecturer, University of Tartu and Partner at the Law Firm TRINITI, Estonia Karmen Turk (mag iur) is a litigation attorney and partner at pan-baltic Triniti Law Firm with an expertise in artificial intelligence regulations, human rights, intellectual property,… Continue reading ​​​​Karmen Turk

​​Gordana Miladinovic

​​Gordana Miladinovic, Organized Crime & Corruption – Reporting Project Based in Sarajevo, Gordana Miladinovic joined OCCRP in 2018 and is the coordinator for the growing OCCRP member center network. She supports the centers on building sustainable organizational operations and securing funding opportunities. She works to understand each member center and its needs and with teams… Continue reading ​​Gordana Miladinovic

Gillian Phillips

Gillian Phillips, Director of Editorial Legal Services, the Guardian Gillian Phillips is the Director of Editorial Legal Services for Guardian News & Media Limited (publishers of the Guardian and Observer newspapers and theguardian.com). She qualified as a solicitor in 1984 and joined the BBC as an in-house lawyer in 1987, later working for News Group… Continue reading Gillian Phillips

Dirk Voorhoof

Dirk Voorhoof, Prof. em. Human Rights Centre Ghent University, Legal Human Academy and member of the CoE MSI-SLP committee on Anti-SLAPP Prof. dr. em. Dirk Voorhoof lectured European Media and Information Law at Ghent University and Copenhagen University, as well as at the University of Oxford, MLAP (Global Media Law Advocates Programme). He has been… Continue reading Dirk Voorhoof

​​Andrew Rettman

Andrew Rettman, EU Observer Andrew Rettman is a foreign affairs journalist with EUobserver, a Brussels-based news agency. He focuses on Russia and the Middle East but also does investigative reports on espionage and money-laundering.He has been the target of three SLAPPs in the past three years, including for stories on Daphné Caruana Galizia and Alexander… Continue reading ​​Andrew Rettman

Dunja Mijatović

Dunja Mijatović, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights  Dunja Mijatović was elected Commissioner for Human Rights on 25 January 2018 by the Parliamentary Assembly and took up her position on 1 April 2018. She is the fourth Commissioner, succeeding Nils Muižnieks (2012-2018), Thomas Hammarberg (2006-2012) and Alvaro Gil-Robles (1999-2006).National of Bosnia and Herzegovina, she… Continue reading Dunja Mijatović